Soradaki – そらだき

This is a traditional method of burning incense, used during the Heian Period for scenting the room and clothing. With this indirect burning, both Incense wood and molded incense can be enjoyed in the same way. As Soradaki produces a stronger fragrance than the one using a mica plate, it is suitable for enjoying fragrance in a large space. A Incense wood already used for Monko can be used again for Soradaki.


  • 聞香炉


  • ⾹炉灰


  • ⾹炭団


  • ⽕箸

    Metal chopsticks

  • ⾹⽊・練香など

    Incense wood or kneaded incense of your choice

How to Burn

  1. Put the ash in the censer and stir with metal chopsticks to let air in the ash.

  2. Light the charcoal and wait until it is evenly burned.

  3. Place the lighted charcoal on the ash and cover it lightly with ash using the metal chopsticks.

  4. When the ash is heated well enough, place the incense beside the charcoal. The fragrance will spread shortly. * If the incense gets burned or there is smoke, it is too hot. Move the incense a little away from the charcoal.

  5. After burning…
    Incense wood or molded incense may be burned out on the charcoal. Kneaded incense should be taken out and disposed of after being cooled down.