Monko – もんこう

Monko is to “listen to” fragrance with care and concentration. This is the best way to fully appreciate the fragrance of Incense woods. Whether you listen to your favorite Incense wood or compare six fragrances, it is both a profound and pleasant experience.


  • 聞香炉


  • ⾹炉灰


  • ⾹炭団


  • 銀葉

    Mica plate

  • 銀葉挟

    Mica tweezers

  • ⽕箸

    Metal chopsticks

  • 灰押

    Ash tamper

  • ⾹⽊

    Incense wood of your choice

How to Burn

  1. 1. Put the ash in the censer and stir with metal chopsticks to let air in the ash. Light the charcoal and wait until it is evenly burned. (Be careful not to burn your hand)

  2. 2. When it is evenly burned, bury the charcoal in the center of the censer. Bury it until its top is on the same level as the top of the ash.

  3. 3. Turn the censer around with your left hand as you gather the ash toward the center, using the metal chopsticks, to make a mound. (The charcoal should be covered up)

  4. 4. Lightly tamp the mound of ash with the ash tamper as you turn the censer around and shape the mound into a cone.

  5. 5. Put a metal chopstick vertically from the top of the ash mound to make a vent down to the charcoal.

  6. 6. Pick up the mica plate with the tweezers and place it evenly over the vent.

  7. 7. Place the Incense wood on the center of the mica plate with the metal chopsticks.


How to Listen

Hold the censer firmly with your left hand, with the index finger pressed to one of the legs of the censer and the thumb on its edge.

Place your right thumb on the front edge and make a dome with your other fingers over the censer.

Listen to the fragrance from between your thumb and index finger. Breathe out beside the censer so as not to blow air into it.

After listening to fragrance

Remove the Incense wood and the mica plate from the censer. After the charcoal is completely burned out, stir the ash to cool it down. Be careful not to burn your hand as the censer will remain hot for a while.